Why I use Young Living? 

Why I use Young Living for my Family? 


To be honest, I have been using Essential Oils for a while now but really didn’t see a difference until I started using Young Living Essential Oils, and I mean really using.  The oils that I was getting from the health stores or Amazon weren't doing anything for us.   Then I discovered why.   FDA has zero regulations when it comes to Essential Oils, so what does that mean?  To be able to put 100% therapeutic essential on the label they only have to have 5% of an actual Essential Oil in the bottle.  So the rest of the bottle is filled with synthetics and fragrances - No thank you!!!   The reason Young Living’s oils are so different is their unmatched commitment to producing a pure, unadulterated oil. Young Living’s devotion to creating a highly therapeutic product means they’ve invested in their farms, and they care for and nurture their plants, trees, and shrubs, and finally distill, test, and bottle the oils that arrive on your doorstep.   Anyone can visit a YL farm – road trip anyone??





























No other company owns farms or distilleries. Repeat. NONE!! For over 21 years, Young Living has been the world leader in producing and guaranteeing 100% pure and potent therapeutic grade essential oils and plant-based products.  This is called Young Living’s Seed to Seal® process. You can read that here.  And it is unmatched. Every step from planting to bottling is detailed and controlled. I chose Young Living because of this process.  After weeks of research. I started questioning what I was using in and on my body after having some health issues. It only made sense to take the same care with the essential oils, which I chose to use to support our health and wellness.


If at any point in that production process, something doesn’t meet their standards, they dispose of it and begin again.  

They accept nothing less than excellence and I won’t either for my family’s health is my priority and now that I know better, I do better as well.  Ready to get your starter kit - you can do so here. 



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