Kid Friendly Valentine's Day Craft 

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Valentine's day is the best time to make handmade crafts, and I love crafts that involve fingers and hands, it's always fun to look back at their little hands and fingers. With Valentine's day around the corner, it's the perfect time to break out the crafts.  

My kids love it when we break out the arts and crafts, let the fun begin. These crafts are so easy, and most of the supplies you will have on hand.  

These crafts are so fun; you are going to love doing these with your kids! 

Heart Wreath 



Construction paper






Paper plate

Heart Template (find that below)


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  1.  Cut out the inner part of the paper plate.     You will need the outer part of the plate.  If you have little ones they may need help with this.  

  2. I printed out templates of all different sizes and traced them onto red, pink and purple construction paper.  

  3. Start gluing the hearts onto the wreath, in no specific order. 

  4. Tie the ribbon in the back.  And it’s ready to hang! 



Construction paper/stock paper





I love you to pieces template 



  1. Cut small pieces of all colored construction paper onto the I love you to Pieces template.  

  2. Have your little one glue the pieces onto the template.  

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Fingerprint Heart Frame 



Heart Frame Template (find that below).  


Paint (red or Pink).  This is the paint that we like to use it washes right out.   



Stock Paper - I like this stock paper.  

Picture of your little one


  1. Print out the Heart Frame template below.  


  2. Trace the template onto the stock paper. 

3.    Cut out the heart and the center for the photo.  

4.    Add paint to your little ones fingers and let them stamp their fingers onto the stock paper.    We used red and pink paint.  

5. Add a photo by taping the photo to the back of the photo.  

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Looking for some Valentine's books for your little Sweethearts?  These books are the cutest to add to your storytime routine.  

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