Why I used Plant Based Cleaner? 

I am not sure about your children,  but my kids eat, and they drop something, they pick it up and eat  off the floor, counter tops, and put everything in their mouth.   Knowing that these chemicals are in cleaning products, I used to dread cleaning and everyone always felt sick after.   If you have to lock your cabinets under your sink, you may want to re-evaluate what you are using under your sink.    My son has a mild respiratory condition and every time I used to clean, he would end up getting sick and needed to use steroids to open up his airways.  Since using my plant-based cleaner and getting rid of these toxic chemicals from my home, he has needed less and less of these medicines – Total mom win. 

The Average household contains about 62 toxic chemicals.   We’re exposed to the routinely – from phthalates in synthetic fragrances, Perchloroethylene in Dry-cleaning solutions, spot removers, and carpet and upholstery cleaners, Triclosan, Butoxyethanol, and Ammonia are  a few.  Many more of these toxic chemicals can be found in your home. You can discover on google  the effects these chemicals have on your health.    No one can truly avoid these chemicals all together, but I try to reduce them significantly for the sake of my   family's well being. –since I am the gate keeper in my home!!.   Instead of air fresheners – I use essential oils in our diffusers.   When cleaning ,I use Thieves Cleaner, essential oils, baking soda, and vinegar.    

Thieves Household Cleaner is a natural and healthy powerhouse product that can replace countless cleansers with questionable ingredients you may currently have in your house. This is a green, ecologically friendly, plant‐based cleaner containing Thieves essential oil blend plus additional therapeutic‐grade lemon oil for extra cleaning power. This is an all purpose cleaner! It’s made with 100% plant‐and mineral‐based ingredients, including:
- Vegetable‐based surfactants like alkyl polyglucoside that are compliant with Green Seal and EPA Design for Environment (DfE) standards
-Biodegradable cutting agents like sodium methyl 2‐sulfolaurate and disodium 2‐sulfolaurate from renewable sources (both ingredients rated 0 on a 10 point scale on the Environmental Working Group’s health hazard score – which is the best score possible)
- Therapeutic‐grade Thieves and Lemon essential oils (the highest quality and purity essential oils) for natural cleaning


You can literally use this on EVERY single surface!  It can be used on many different surfaces: counters, bathrooms, floors, toys, clothes, carpet, mirrors, windows, and more.  I literally through away at least 10 products and replaced them with 1 bottle of Thieves. It is also super COST EFFECTIVE. 1 bottle of Thieves cleaner is extremely concentrated so you dilute with water. 1 Bottle of thieves has approximately 60 capfuls – this adds up to $1.50 per bottle.  This lasts forever and again replaces just about every single cleaner in your home. Cleaning will feel less of a hassle, I promise and you can have some peace of mind knowing that not only is it SAFE to use around pets and kids, but you are ALSO supporting their immune system.  If you haven’t used Thieves yet, take my word for it – get it and it smells heavenly.   I  can’t imagine cleaning without Thieves Cleaner. If you haven’t tried it, you should. For those who have tried it, I attached a chart on how you can use the thieves cleaner below.  

1 Spray bottle like this one. 

1 capful of Thieves Cleaner into the Spray bottle.

Fill the rest of the spray bottle with water – shake and clean!!

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