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So we are a couple of weeks out from Christmas.  I am sure your tree is up, the stockings...

Stocking Stuffers that aren't Junk - For All Ages

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Play-based learning has many developmental benefits for your little one including enhance their cognitive skills, build up their vocabulary, and build up their social skills...

Tips for Play Based Learning


With three kids, our toy closet is pretty loaded between the holidays, birthdays, and special occasions.   My kids have toy...

Eliminate that Toy Clutter


When to introduce your Kid's to Social Media is a question that is on every parent’s mind, it is a different day and age than when we were kids.   Our parents have never

When to Introduce your Kids to Social Media

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I came up with a couple of “Rainy Day Activities”  for our go to’s for bad weather.  Some of these activities are the old school basics,

Stuck Inside 

Potty training doesn’t have to be a stressful process at all.  In fact, you don’t want it to be stressful because....

Potty Train Successfully in 3 days 


Doing crafts with your kids can encourage them to use their imaginations and develop critical thinking skills!​

Easy Crafts for Toddlers

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Are you usually rushing in the monring to get your kids out the door?   Looking for quick breakfast ideas without using your stove?

I've rounded up 10 kid approved breakfast ideas.  Enjoy!!

10 Kid Approved Speedy  Breakfast Ideas


T is for Tame turned my daughter’s chronic bedhead into soft manageable tresses.    My daughter is just about to turn two and still has that baby fly away hair.

My New Favorite Baby Product

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