How To Slay the First Week Home With a Baby 

The hospital stay always seemed to fly by at the before we knew it we were home and getting ready to conquer that first week of parenthood.  


The first week home with my babies was always a blur, and scary and awesome all at the same time. But I made it through three times and so can you!

I am here to help you get through the anxiety and anticipation of coming home with your little bundle of joy.  Take a deep breath and put on your most comfy loungewear and buckle up, you will get the hang of it I promise!!


The first week you are home usually the most significant thing is to get the hang of feeding and starring at your babies beautiful face.   The best bonding time that I had to with all three babies was feeding time. 


The first week you want to take advantage of your boppy pillow to help your exhausted arms since your baby will often be eating.  I used my boppy pillow the whole time my babies breastfed.


If you are breastfeeding you want to focus on the baby latching on properly.   If you are having trouble with your baby latching on or your supply, consider seeing a lactation consultant, it can be very helpful.  I went to a lactation consultant for my middle son, and within minutes of being with her, (after several weeks of attempting on my own), he latched right on.  

If you are opting to formula feed you need to decide on a brand; your pediatrician can help with choosing the right formula for your baby.    Formula comes in powder or liquid form.   The best way to ensure that your baby is getting the right amount to eat is to document it.   Documenting feedings also helps with your first visit to the pediatrician.  One of the first questions the pediatrician will ask is how many wet diapers your baby has, and how often and how much your baby is eating.  


Be prepared, taking care of a newborn baby requires you to get up every 2-3 hours to feed, so sleep while you can.   The best way to do this is to sleep when the baby is sleeping.    I am sure every new mother has told you this so be prepared but know that it does get better.    

If your baby is bottle feeding try and get your husband to the last feeding of the night and try and get to bed early, and if you are breastfeeding you need to sleep when they sleep.  

Will the dishes and laundry pile up, most likely to take as much help as you can get!  If the family or your friends offer help, take it.   

The best gift I got with my newborn was food, so if someone asks – food is always a great thing to ask for.   The time you spend making dinner you could be sleeping, so take the help.  

Make sure you have an excellent swaddle, this helps your baby sleep longer.    Swaddling your baby will help them adjust to the outside world.     They will show you in the hospital how to swaddle your baby, however, in case you get home and didn’t get the hang of it to be prepared and have a Velcro swaddle on hand. 

Organizing Ahead of Time

Preparing those frozen crockpot meals ahead of time was a lifesaver with each baby, anything that made our life easier I was in!  

Having all your baby products accessible and on hand in a convenient spot makes life so much easier.   On my nightstand, I always had a small basket of all the essentials right one hand, wipes diapers, creams, nipple cream, pacifier and anything else that you may need.  

For more tips on how to get your baby to sleep through the night, you can check out my free PDF here.  

Coming to Terms With Your New Normal

Being a mom of three, I knew that the first two weeks is not a good time to see the baby, and if I do come and see the baby I come for 10 minutes.   It is ok to say no to the company; you most likely will not have the energy to socialize.  

Chores are going to become few and far between in the beginning.   All three of my babies would not let me put them down, so most chores around the house were done with the baby in the carrier. 


Most new moms are scared to ask for help – don’t be.   Take whatever people are offering; doing a load of wash, walking the dog, taking the toddler, or going grocery shopping for you.   


There is plenty of time to be Super Mom, enjoy that time while they are so precious and small because it feels like a blink of an eye.  

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