Happy Roller 

This Happy Roller is an absolute must in your diaper bag or your purse.  This Roller can also be used as a tantrum tamer remedy to stop tantrums.   Hey no judgments here, we have had our fair share of tantrums in this house.  With three kids,  if I am out and someone else’s baby or toddler is having a meltdown,  I honestly don’t even hear it anymore. I think I have become immune to it, occasionally I do give that mom a sympathetic node though - like I feel your pain sister!!!


So here it is:

Roller Bottle (you can find here)

10 drops White Angelic (one of my favorite oils)

10 drops Stress Away

Rest Carrier Oil such as this one. 

White Angelic promotes positive Attitude and Stress Away well it speaks for itself. 

Below find the Dilution ration that is recommended for kids: 




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