DIY Eye Lash Serum 



I have been contemplating getting an eyelash serum to grow my lashes for a while, but more importantly, I was looking to fill them out.   I was even thinking of getting false eyelashes, but as you know that can all be pretty pricey and everyone I talked to who had them said they ruined their eyelashes! Then I saw that there was this DIY lash serum to help support growth and full eyelashes – sign me up!!  With only a few ingredients it took me less than 5 minutes to make.  Compared to how expensive these serums are on the market and not to mention filled with chemicals, I love that this is inexpensive and more importantly that it is all-natural DIY – who doesn’t love that?  So I have been using this for several weeks now – WOW I am obsessed.  My lashes are thicker, longer and have much more volume and look better than they ever did before.   So, I apply this serum just as I do my mascara every night before I go to sleep!  I only recommend Young Living Essential Oils especially since this is going so close to your eyes.  You can read here why. 


You will need:


Lavender Essential Oil – 5-10 drops (Always start small with Essential Oils and work your way up).

Cedarwood Essential Oil – 5-10 drops

A Mascara Tube and Castor Oil (I used this one) - fill the rest of the tube with castor oil


Now that you have all the supplies - you can keep making this eyelash grow serum.  Ready to get started, you can do so here. 


So now that your lashes will be fierce you are ready to take on the world!



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