Easy Crafts To Do With Your Toddler

If there is one thing that I can remember from my childhood – it’s how much I loved when warm weather came every year.    Living in the northeast after spending what felt like the longest winters, Spring was always my favorite!!  This Spring we worked extra hard and made some fun Spring crafts that were so easy, even a toddler can do them!!   From frogs, flowers to bumble bees we had so much fun making these crafts.  All you are just a hand full of materials to get started, most materials we even got at the dollar store.  


These crafts will surely keep your toddlers entertained at their little art tables. 

Now you can spend some time quality time with your littles and make some memories that last a lifetime.  


Find the directions for each craft below. 


Turtle Styrofoam Bowl


We had so much fun decorating our turtle shells.   With a few materials your toddler can make a Turtle of their own. 



Here is what you will need. 

Styrofoam bowl

Googly Eyes


Paint Brush


Green construction paper

Green Paint


Here is what you need to do. 


1.       Paint your bowl green

2.       Cut out all your head and legs.

3.       Wait for the paint to dry and glue all your pieces together!




Paper Plate Lady Bug



These ladybugs are so fun and the perfect craft for Spring.   

Here is what you need to do. 


1.       Paint your bowl green

2.       Cut out all your head and legs.

3.       Wait for the paint to dry and glue all your pieces together!




Paper Plate Lady Bug



These ladybugs are so fun and are just the perfect craft for Spring.   



  1. Paint your paper plate red.

  2. Cut a small circle for the head and small circles for the spots. 

  3. Once your plate is dry glue, your head, and spots on the plate.

  4. Glue your pipe cleaner on the top for antennas and your eyes.   I usually use hot glue when I am gluing pipe cleaner.   

Paper Plate Flower


We love planting our flowers in the spring.  We had much fun making these Flowers, and these can be a great addition to any Mother’s Day Gift. 😊

Here is what you will need

Paper Plates

Pastel Paints

Green construction paper

Paint Brush 





  1. To make the petal cut out small slits around the whole plate.  

  2. Paint your Petal (plate)

  3. Cut the green construction paper into your leaves and stem.  

Bumble Bee

This project was a simple project that my toddlers loved and came out adorable.   

Here is what you will need:


Yellow Construction paper

Black construction paper. 

White paper 

Black paint 

Black Pipe Cleaner 

Coffee Filters

Googly eyes

Paint Brush 

Scissors glue



  1. Cut out a circle out of your yellow construction paper.  (we used a kitchen plate to give you an idea of size.  

  2. With a pencil lightly draw 3 straight lines toward the middle of the circle.

  3. Take your toddler’s tiny thumb and dip it in the black press that all the way across the lines. 

  4. Cut out a stinger out of the black paper

  5. Cut out white and black circles for the eyes.

  6. Cut out wings from the coffee filters.  

  7. Once your paint is dry glue everything on the yellow circle including your pipe cleaner. 



This cute little crab craft gets us thinking about summer and the beach season.  This project was so fun to make my toddlers.  I mean what toddler doesn’t like dipping their little hands in red paint?  

Here is what you will need....

Blue construction paper 

White paint 

Brown paint

Red paint 

Googly eyes 

Paint brush 



  1. Paint one hand with red paint and press it in the center and so it overlaps both the water and the sand.

  2. Paint the other hand red and press it down so it slightly overlaps the palm area of the other handprint.

  3. Paint white circles at the top for the clouds.  

  4. When the paint the thumbs white for the eyes.

  5. When that dries glue on the googly eyes.  

  6. We painted the bottom the picture brown for the sand.   

Fish Hand Print 

We had so much fun with the crab, my kids were up for doing it all over again but this time we made a fish. 

Here is what you will need...

Blue Construction paper 

Paint – (color of choice for the fish) 

Green Paint for grass 

White paint for bubbles

Googly eye 

Paint brush 




  1. Paint the hand and press it down on the paper.  

  2. To make the grass paint only the fingers, press down at the bottom of the page all the way across to make the grass.  

  3. Once that dries, you can draw the face and glue the eye.   

  4. Make a few white circles for the bubbles.

Handprint Flower


We made this fun bouquet handprint flowers. It was simple to do. 

First, you do the handprint and then you make the footprint.   It turned out, so fun, and I love this color combo.   All you need is paints, paper, and little hands and feet!  

Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft 

When I am trying to craft to do, I try and find a craft for both my littles to do.   This Butterfly craft is great for kids of all ages.   

What you will need…


Coffee Filters

Cloths pins 

Pipe Cleaners 





  1. Lay the coffee filters flat, and with the sponge and decorate the coffee filters with your colors of choice.

  2. Once the coffee filters are dry, fold them back and forth like an accordion then pinch them in the middle to hold them back together.  

  3. Take the pipe cleaner onto the center of the filters where you were pinching them.  Then wrap the pipe cleaner around the coffee filter and in the center.   

Pom Pom Caterpillars

How cute is this little guy!  A few simple steps and your little can have one of their own.   

What you will need…

Green Construction Paper

Googly eyes 

Pom poms 



Pipe cleaner 


  1. Cut your construction paper into a leaf and cut the ends all the way around

  2. Glue the pom poms and the eyes on the leaf

  3. Glue on the pipe cleaner on for the antennas.  This adorable caterpillar is done!   

Doing crafts with your kids can encourage them to use their imaginations and develop critical thinking skills!


Happy crafting!! 

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