Easy DIY Ways to Add Color to Any Room 

I am pretty basic when it comes to paint and furniture colors.  So how do I add a pop of color to any room?  How about Turquoise and warm shades of blue?

Updates can get kind of pricey, so how can you add a pop of color without breaking the bank?

1.       Paint a piece of furniture – This chair was a hand me down from the grandfather, and has been sitting in my garage.    To add a pop of color to my living room I painted this chair a pretty turquoise and added this ivy ball on top to add character.   So my old hand me down chair went from boring to fabulous with a couple of coats of bright paint. 


2.        Adding flower to any room can really add some element, I simply love hydrangeas.  To add some color to my flowers I added a colored vase with a basic painted mason jar does just the trick.

3.       Adding a wall accent wall decor can be all you need to color up a room. Coordinate colors and patterns but also have some fun with this.

4.       Throw pillows and blankets can be the just the recipe for add some life and color to any boring beige or white coach. 

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