DIY Natural Bug Spray

Warmer weather is finally here!! This is a safe non-toxic option for bug-spray with essential oils.  Whether you are at the beach, pool, kids sporting events, the ballpark or barbequing the summer is an amazing time of year…….there is only one problem, those little muggy bugs!  Store bought bug sprays are loaded with chemicals that I do not want around my family.    


Here is something that you need to know.  


DEET is a registered pesticide. It is a member of the toluene chemical family. Toluene is an organic solvent used in rubber, plastic cement, and paint removers. DEET is absorbed through the skin and can pass into the blood.


According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), more than 4.5 billion pounds of chemical pesticides are used every year on crops, around the home, around and in ponds, on humans and pets. Studies are now showing that exposure to insect repellents and other pesticides indicates a higher risk of cancers, typically of the blood, brain, lymph system, soft tissues, stomach, prostate, and breast. In children, exposure to insect repellents also indicates an increased risk of various forms of cancer, as well as the weakening of the immune system.


Here is some more information on Deet: 

This bug spray takes about 2 minutes flat, it costs basically pennies, and it’s is totally free of any toxic chemicals! It also smells amazing compared to store-bought bug spray!!! Total mom-win.  

This is what you will need:


4 ounces spray bottle, like this one.


Peppermint Essential Oil  - 10 drops


Lemongrass Essential Oil - 10 drops


Lavender Essential Oil - 10 drops


Rosemary Essential Oil - 10 drops


Citronella Essential Oil - 10 drops


1/2 Witch Hazel 


1/2 Water.  


Shake everything together in a spray bottle and ready to use!


I just want to note that I only use Young Living Essential Oils on or around my family.  Quality is important when you are applying on your skin.  The Essential Oils that I use are 100% therapeutic grade.  Here  is some more information on those oils.  



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