DIY Decorative Kid's Letters 

DIY Kid’s Letters

Looking to spice up your kids room without spending a fortune?    You can customize these letters to whatever theme you choose. I love decorating my kids room with these personal touches, and I love them even more that because I made them custom to what I wanted.  They are so easy to make and really add a pop of color to your child's wall.   Quick, Easy and cheap DIY is my favorite .  I am really happy how these turned out.   

What you will need: 

Wooden letters -  that you can get at Michaels on sale and use a store coupon.  

Paper Design that you like.  -  I like Craft Smith Mermaid Coast  Paper Pad.   I like this paper because it is a stronger paper to work with.   You can find this at most Michaels and use a coupon or  check their clearance section.  I actually got this paper on clearance at Michaels.  But you can also find it here as well.

Mod Podge Glue

Small paintbrush

Let's get started:

1.    Decide which paper you want to use for your letters and which order you want them on the wall.

2.    Once ready, place each letter flipped backwards onto the back of the paper and trace any outside edges. When tracing, don’t angle in your pencil and hug the letter too closely or you will cut out your paper too small.

3.    Cut the outside shape of the letters using scissors. I recommend sticking right to the outside of the lines you traced. It is easy to trim the letters later.

​4.     After you cut the outside shape, place all of the letter shapes onto your paper letters. It’s a nice last check to make sure you are happy with the distribution of the paper designs before adhering the paper to the letters.

5. Paint a layer of Mod Podge on the top of the letter using a paint brush. Line up the paper onto of the letter, and slowly rub the rest of the letterdown. Start at either the top or the bottom of the letter and slowly rubbing the paper on to prevent air bubbles or folds in the paper.  

7.    Allow the letters to dry, before you hang them or touch them again – and make sure they out of reach of your little people. 

8.    After they are dry, you are ready to hang your letters.

If you really want to get creative you can paint a design on your wooden letters, this is what I did for my son's room.  

Enjoy your fabulous DIY Letters!!!


Evonna Marie