After a very lonnng winter, I have to say that I am really looking forward to this summer.  Do you feel summer ready? I know I am! Being at the beach with sand at your feet, the sun on your back, the smell of the pool, and all activities outside.  And I love having the sun out until about 8:15 pm.  To celebrate good weather and warm nights, I’ve gathered up some of my favorite summer must-have products that will make this summer an amazing season while we are in the enjoying the summertime glow.

These are My Top 5 Summer Must Haves.  

#5 Mineral Sunscreen – You might not know this, but the way sunscreens work they are chemically based, is by being absorbed into your body.  I don't know about you but that scares me. Mineral sunscreens, do not get absorbed into your body at all. They sit on the top of your skin and reflect the sun's rays. There are 2 ingredients you'll see, usually in combination: zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Formulated with dermatologists to protect sensitive skin from damaging sun rays, Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen's mineral-based “Sensitive” sunscreen formula provides SPF 30+ protection that's water resistant for 40 minutes without parabens, fragrances or skin-irritating chemicals ...Every application is important for you and your kiddos!! 

#4 Peppermint Essential Oil – Did you know that Peppermint Oil can trick our skin into thinking it’s cooler?  

The Science behind this from Dr. Buch - For some unknown reason, menthol happens to fit into the TRP-M8 receptor’s binding site. When menthol binds at the receptor binding site, the receptor molecule changes shape, which triggers the nerve cell to send an electrical impulse (a nerve signal) to the brain. Since the brain knows this signal is coming from a “cold-detecting nerve”, the brain translates the signal into the feeling of coolness. Since menthol is the primary component of peppermint oil, we can actually use peppermint oil to “trick” our brains into feeling cooler, without ever actually changing the temperature.

Here is the bottom line, on a scorching hot day if I can do something to make my body feel wayyy cooler – sign me up!!!  Make sure to always use caution when using Essential Oils – and start small.   Here are the only Oils that I will use on or around my family. 

#3.  My Ray Ban Sunglasses – These are super cute and I love that they absolutely give any outfit a pop of color.    They are about 10 years old, but I know Ray Ban still carries a similar style. 

#2. Hat – My super cute distresses baseball cap is a must.  I wear this several times a week, and of course it has my logo on it #squadoffiveandapuggle

#1.  Havainnas Flip Flips – These are my absolute favorite and most comfortable flip flops in the world.  They are super cute and not to mention come in so many fabulous designs.   I am pretty hard on my flip flops in the summer these flip flops hold, rarely fade and cushion to my feet. 

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